Friday, October 30, 2015

What will I continue to do?

#1 - Freeze Dairy:
*  Keep 2 gallons of whole milk in the freezer and rotate them.
*  Keep a lb of butter and a lb of marg in freezer
*  Keep 2 - 8 oz cream cheese in the freezer
* Keep a 5 lb block of cheddar cheese in the freezer
These have been so easy to do and really would be a life saver if we ever have a break in services.

#2 - Shop less:
Now that I know I can shop on Monday, I'm feeling a little weird. I don't really want to. It seems like a lot of work to do this over again, but the benefits are huge. I don't plan on going without food shopping like this again for awhile, but I do want to put together a more exact menu like this.

#3 - Use more variety for Breakfast and Lunch:
Doing this month, I feel like I've expanded my options for breakfast and lunch and can go longer without shopping as well as bringing variety to those other meals. All positives in my book. I've done 3 weeks of dinner menus many times in the past. It's the other two meals that seem to get away from me and send me to the store more than 2x per month.

#4 - Continue to have others bake the fun, sugary snacks:
I really like not doing this; which surprises me. I feel like I have better control over my diet and am helping those that like certain treats learn how to make them themselves. When they see that I'm not going to do it, they will jump in.

#5 - Keep all of these recipes and menus in a binder, adding to it as I continue to learn more.

#6 - Buy a bunch of produce at the beginning of each month, then process some of it for later in the month. This can help not only in case of a break in services, but the more likely storm that may keep me from the grocery store in the winter months.
*  Make vegetable stock, then bottle or freeze
*  Make green juice and freeze in multiple 16-20 oz containers
*  Cook carrots and spinach, then freeze

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