Saturday, May 29, 2010

After reading my sister's blog ( ), I took her advice and looked at a chili recipe at This passionate homemaker has a lot of good frugal ideas - from natural and inexpensive cleaning supplies to fun decorating on a tight budget. She also lists 4 items you don't need in your bathroom. Number one is shaving cream. Check out the others....
I also found a great blog at This one has a lady living off of her food storage for 3 months with updates. She's on day 17. Enjoy the fun with her!
There's one more I found. It's great for those who don't want to have to figure out what they need for food storage and just want someone to tell them what the basics are they need depending on their family logistics. I have a spreadsheet I use, but of course not everyone will be able to like/use it. Go to and register for free if you'd like.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5/16 to 5/18 Double Coupon Days at Smith's

Smith's Food is doing a double your coupon special in Utah, Nevada and New Mexico from Sunday 5/16 through Tuesday 5/18. If you want the best deals using coupons and Smith's specials, go to the Pinching Your Pennies website. Click on the PYP Forums link (top left under the pictures), then go down to the fourth category (Screaming Deals by State). Click on Utah (or one of the other states mentioned), and you'll see the submission called Smith's Double Coupon Deals - The List. That will show you a HUGE list of items you can buy there - and where to find the coupon for them. Have a ton of fun!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Food Co-ops

There are two other food co-ops besides the one I use sometimes (found at ). They are both just produce and bread type items (no meat, etc.) at and - neither of which I have tried yet. I do have a friend that really likes Bountiful Baskets. Co-ops are great ways to get wonderful fresh and local food. Let me know if you've used any co-ops in this area. mentions 6 budget mistakes we should avoid. explains the step down concept for household budgeting.

and gives one more way of budgeting for someone out there who hasn't found a good fit yet. (Note: I am not suggesting anyone buy their products - just putting it out there).

Some people really like Dave Ramsey. I enjoy listening to his radio show sometimes and have read two of his books. He's got a good system, but isn't for everyone. If you've never heard of him or read anything he's written, he is worth at least looking over. Go to and check him out. Of course, there's lots of things to buy. I haven't ever bought any of his products or paid for any of his classes. You can adapt some of his stuff on your own (from his website or radio show) or get one of his books from the library if you're interested in what he's got to offer. That way, it's free.

Good luck! If you have any great methods to share, please do.

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