Sunday, October 4, 2015

Breakfast Menus

Here are the 11 Breakfast Menus I put together.
I just figured we'd do each about 3 times when I went shopping.

1- Cold Cereal
    Real Sausage

2- Yogurt
    Granola - use one of these: Deanna's (posted here on 3/23/15)
        (or if I haven't made one of the above yet, Oatmeal)
    Fruit - Oranges

3- Pancakes or Waffles - for mix see 12/30/16 post
     w/ syrup - store bought or 3 kinds of homemade syrup
           (I'll post these later: Coconut, Peach and Nauvoo)

4- Muffins - Banana (see 11/5/11 for recipe)
          or EF's Choc Chip Banana Muffins (posted on 5/7/16)
     Sausage- Real or Bean - for Black Bean Sausage (see 2/23/13 post)

5- Hash browns
    Bagels - I have yet to find a good recipe for these
    Cream Cheese

6- Fat Free Granola (found in the book Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy- I'll post it later)
    Brown Sugar Muffins (posted on 5/7/16)
    Milk for cereal

7- Scrambled Eggs
    English Muffins - again, no good recipe
    Apple Juice

8- Pancakes or Waffles
    Apple pie Filling or fresh fruit
   Whipped Topping (Dream whip)

9- Pastry -
      donuts - we used the recipe at
      cinnamon roll - see 4/3/12 post
      or buns - There are some I'll try out (and I'll post the recipes I actually use)
    Cheerios or Oatmeal

10- Make Ahead Breakfast Cake (will post later)
      Orange Delight (will post later)

11- Black Bean Sausage (see 2/23/13 post)
      Biscuits (will post later)
      Country Gravy

Recipes to try
Pumpkin Bake: I'd like to try this, but I'll use oat or wheat flour -
Coconut Cream buns
Judy's Orange Cinnamon Swirl Bread
Apple Oat Kuchen
Apple Cobbler
Poppy seed Bread with Orange Glaze

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