Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More info from Dr. Weil

Go to his website for more info and daily health tips:

I'm trying to follow his anti-inflammatory diet: ( more closely.

If you're a visual person, his anti-inflammatory pyramid comes in VERY handy:


An amazing cookbook

Dr. Andrew Weil has always impressed me. I really like his take on things. He's got one of the best pieces of advice on healthy chocolate I've ever seen. I'll post that later. I was reading his cookbook this morning looking for healthier breakfast foods. I read part of his introduction and the following parts really spoke to me:

'Good health begins in the kitchen.' I agree with that statement, because I believe that good nutrition is one of the most important influences on health. Most of us eat three times a day. many of us eat more frequently. Each time we do, we have an opportunity to nourish the body, delight the senses, and calm the mind. It is a shame to waste those opportunities by eating food that is neither healthful nor delicious....Eating habits often develop in early life. For that reason, I encourage parents to involve children in food preparation. Kids love to help in the kitchen, and by having a hand in the creation of meals, they are more likely to want to try new foods, to develop a love of cooking, and to discover the joy of making and eating good food....I am a home cook and a physician who advocates natural medicine. As I said, I believe that eating well is one important determinant of health. By 'eating well' I mean giving your body the fuel it needs, using food to increase your resistance and natural healing power - and not sacrificing the pleasure of eating appetizing, tasty, and satisfying food.... 

The title of this cookbook is The Healthy Kitchen: Recipes for a better body, life and spirit. It's written by Andrew Weil, M.D. and Rosie Daley. One of the fun things about this cookbook is their comments. They don't always agree on foods and preparations and it's fun to read their differences.

Take a look at this cookbook if you haven't seen it before and look up his advice on the only truly healthy form of chocolate. It's on page 301-302.

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