Thursday, July 22, 2010

Artisan Bread in 5 min. Review

I really enjoyed the book, Artisan Bread in 5 min. and tried a few of the recipes. With the heat on, I've stopped baking as much as possible, but will put the ideas back to good use this fall. I found a good large container at Wal-Mart for less than $10 and have room for it in the fridge. If there's any downside to the operation, it's finding the room in your fridge for the dough.
Basically, you make a large batch of dough once or twice a week and then take what you need for that day, shape it and let it rise for less than 30 min and bake. The five minutes is the time you take the day you bake to prepare the pan and shape it. By using a pan of water under your flat pan for the bread, you get a distinct snappy crust. One of my children takes the crust off of most breads, but not this one. A neighbor who has also started using the ideas in this book has a similar picky child who also does not take this bread's crust off. For those who want fresh bread daily, this is your method.

Emergency foods

Check out for the list of what foods would be best to have during an emergency. Not surprisingly, they are what you and I already have. There are a couple of tweaks I may make, though. The whole wheat cracker twist is a good one for me to incorporate. What's nice is that those who don't have as much storage room as they'd like can look at this list and prioritize what you already have. Enjoy!

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