Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Herbs that work in my Garden

Over the years, I've changed my herb garden around quite a bit. There are, however, some favorites for me. These are tried and true. Perhaps some of these will be easy for you too. The #1 best, easiest and prettiest herb I've ever used is sage. I've got three varieties of it at the moment, but have used all of these varieties successfully - Broad leaf Sage, Golden Sage, Clary Sage (green), Purple Sage, and Tricolor Sage. Another favorite is Oregano. It can be used in so many dishes. I especially like it in my recipe for Pesto. I'll share that later. Garlic Chives, English Thyme and French Lavender are other staples. Parsley and Garlic are very useful too, although they take a little more effort than the perennials.
The annual herbs I love are cilantro, purple (opal) basil, dill, and summer savory. The summer savory grows best when placed to the west of an established plant so it doesn't get the harsh sun. All of these annual herbs have the best chance if they are started 8 weeks early inside (mid-March).

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