Thursday, September 10, 2015

Quarter of Contentment

As a family we've decided to be more content with what we have. To do this, we have a three prong approach. These things will help us achieve some big ideas and projects I've been trying to get to for years.

1- September: Share what we don't need.
Dejunk the house and get down to what we actually need and use. Sell or give away everything else.
Money earned from selling items can go towards a more generous Christmas to give others or to savings for future needs and wants.

2- Live on Food Storage only for the month of October.
We might do this every year. After all - there's a huge party everyone else pays for on the 31st.
I'll break this down later. Still gathering ideas and recipes.

3- November: Give thanks for everything.
More details to follow.

4- December: Start early to have a homemade and thoughtful Christmas.
Cut our Christmas budget to a very, very small amount and spend 50% of it on others - 2 "drawn" extended family names, neighbors and a Secret Santa or donation idea our family comes up with and does together.

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