Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oats class

Check out Patty's Pantry for some good information on Oats. There's handouts and recipes too. See www.pattysfoodpantry.blogspot.com for the 9-11-10 comment.

One thing I do to help everyone enjoy oatmeal is to mix one packet of the processed, already flavored packets in with two servings of rolled oats. Cook on 5 power (50%) for 6 min in the microwave and you've got 3 servings. That way, it's tasty and good for you. I find the instant oatmeal more processed (like quick oatmeal) and prefer the whole grain texture of the rolled oats- better fiber and better for you.

Another way to enjoy your oatmeal more is to have a few mix-ins (either in a bunch of small ziplocks or tupperware for easy access). These may be brown sugar, cinnamon & sugar, coconut, chopped nuts, raisins, dried fruit, etc. Make a batch of oatmeal that is plain and have your family add what they want.

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