Saturday, May 1, 2010 mentions 6 budget mistakes we should avoid. explains the step down concept for household budgeting.

and gives one more way of budgeting for someone out there who hasn't found a good fit yet. (Note: I am not suggesting anyone buy their products - just putting it out there).

Some people really like Dave Ramsey. I enjoy listening to his radio show sometimes and have read two of his books. He's got a good system, but isn't for everyone. If you've never heard of him or read anything he's written, he is worth at least looking over. Go to and check him out. Of course, there's lots of things to buy. I haven't ever bought any of his products or paid for any of his classes. You can adapt some of his stuff on your own (from his website or radio show) or get one of his books from the library if you're interested in what he's got to offer. That way, it's free.

Good luck! If you have any great methods to share, please do.

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