Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Find all your Frugal Friends info right here now!

Check out for some great ideas on how to be frugal, healthy and quick in the kitchen.

I started an e-mail group called Frugal Friends in early 2009 and have sent one out each quarter since then. I've finally been convinced that turning it into a blog is a much better option. Please send me your comments and suggestions, not only on these posted messages but on other things and sites which help you to be feverish about being frugal.

From Frugal Friends #1: Also check out and see her wonderful ideas. I love to get my powdered milk from Country Cream (Grandma's Country Foods at 386 W. 9400 S. in Sandy, UT). That's our taste test winner.
The Sunflower Market ( ) and the Food Coop of Utah ( ) have saved me a lot of money and provided wonderful, local, healthy foods for my family.
From Frugal Friends #2: Refill the foam hand soap dispensers by putting 1/3 liquid hand soap and 2/3 c water in the special dispenser. Then just shake well. It saves you a ton in the long run. Check out for some great tips on how to cut back. The Millionaire Next Door is a really great book - see the review at - then go borrow it from the library. Be careful in how you deal with long term investments during financially fluxes like we're dealing with now. Avoid touching investments unless you really have to. Add to good investments while they're "on sale." Save money when eating out by collecting coupons for places you like and doing the curb side service to take home (thus avoiding drinks, desserts, and tips). Use on-line menus and set a budget. Support local businesses when possible.
From Frugal Friends #3: I'll add the 12 documents I sent out on this as soon as I get permission from the author. Great website to find good and inexpensive activities for kids: - good all year round.


  1. Good work! And thanks for the repost on the foaming soaps. I finally have those dispensers and hadn't found the right ratio yet.

  2. No problemo. I'll need a tutorial on how to make this work better. Maybe I'll call your dishwasher and original inspiration to help me since you're doing so many other things right now. :)


Find all your Frugal Friends info right here now!